About Us

About Us

Eminently trusted, and highly praised, we are, The Riveraa Pumps India Pvt. Ltd., a company that excels at designing, developing, and delivering Pumps of various types. We are one of the few manufacturers, who since the day of inception, till today, have never disappoint their customers. And, among these companies, we are foremost in the eyes of customers we have served so far. Our range of pump includes, Regenerative Self Priming Mono Blocks Pumps, Regenerative Non Self Priming Pump, Centrifugal Pumps,  Submersibles Pumps, and much more. Owing to our rich experience, and determination to provide the best products, we have impressed every customer till date. And, our future plan is to always be able to state the aforesaid.

Research and Development

Always evolving into something better than yesterday has been, and will be a priority of our company. Owing to the same reason we have maintained a research and development department, in which personnel operate dexterously to innovate and introduce ideas for betterment of our products. These individuals deeply study the markets, learn about new trends, understand about the innovation, and listen to what customers expect from companies. Then accordingly, they design our pumps, and implement new features in it, which customers further, help us take leaps in the markets.

Strategic Planning

We greatly speak of our strategies. We are one of the few companies that work to earn contentment of customers over profits. And, we ensure that all of our strategies are developed in a manner that help us work closely with customer, and ultimately earn their contentment. The day we laid down our foundation, is the day we made a promise to always marvel in this line of work, and never earn a bad word about our reputation. We are still true to this promise and always will be.

Some Things We Do To Impress
  • We believe in the overall value of our customer's feedback, which is the core of building equity in our target clients
  • We are focused on budding relationships with our customers over annoyingly selling them anything anywhere
  • We communicate directly with customers and prospects through mail, email, texts, fliers and other promotional material.
  • We Give a hint of surprise while showcasing a new product in the market, creating a great source of buzz.
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Contact Us

Sf No-184/1-C-2, Kannampalayam Post, Trichy Road, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, 641402, India
Phone :+918068210028